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Solar Air-Conditioning – It’s About Time

The demand for air-conditioning has been increasing through the last decade due to improved comfort and occurring higher temperatures. And with the higher demand come several problems: the extensive use of electrically driven cooling is leading to capacity straining power demand peaks in the summer and increase of green house emissions – either through leakage of cooling fluids or use of non-sustainable energy.

Solar cooling is an eminently smart technology because demand and supply of energy coincide: solar radiation is abundantly available especially in the summer time, where the need for air-conditioning is the highest. And solar air-conditioning technologies have proved, some during more than ten years, their efficiency and reliability. These technologies use harmless cooling fluids (water generally), and much less primary energy than the conventional systems. Therefore it is about time to start using solar energy for the purpose of keeping indoor conditions during the summer comfortable.

SOLAIR – Paving the Way for Smartness

SOLAIR intends to resolve some major market obstacles for solar air-conditioning technologies: limited awareness, lack of know-how and instruments as well as information standards. Based on previous project results and acquired know-how, SOLAIR will create a set of tools to assist the market diffusion of these smart technologies.

SOLAIR is a project financed under Intelligent Energy Europe with thirteen partners from Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain. SOLAIR was launched beginning of 2007 and will run until the end of 2009.

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Solair officially ended December 2009

11-01-2010 - 

The SOLAIR project ended in December 2009. Therefore, this website won't be updated anymore.

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