Promoting SAC

The capacity and potential of solar thermal energy has been greatly underestimated for a long time. And what is true for the most dominant applications for hot water and space heating is even truer for emerging applications such as solar air-conditioning (SAC). Policy has been slow to react to the “sleeping giant” of solar thermal energy and it has been more or less ignorant of SAC – the application which is regarded to have one of the highest potentials for providing clean energy. Now financing schemes such as the Intelligent Energies Europe programme see the need to create favourable market conditions. Very low awareness amongst decision makers and professionals is one of the key obstacles for a wider diffusion of SAC. SOLAIR therefore is dedicated to increasing the knowledge and information on SAC by the following means:

Initial consultation packages

The initial consultation packages developed within SOLAIR aim at showing the advantages of installing a SAC system. They have been elaborated by the consortium partners, following different methodology.

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IHK, Freiburg - Germany | Source: ISE