Related Projects

Here you can find a list of current and past projects in the field of solar cooling.

This section is still in progress, therefore the list is not yet complete and is to be continued.

  • Solar Combi+ – Identification of most promising markets and promotion of standardised system configurations for the market entry of small scale combined solar heating & cooling applications.
    • SOLCO – Removal of non-technological barriers to Solar Cooling technology across southern European islands. Members of project cluster are from southern European islands, where during summer ideal conditions are offered for the exploitation of solar energy and solar cooling devices.
    • HIGH-COMBI – The HIGH-COMBI project aims at developing high solar fraction systems by an innovative combination of optimized solar heating, cooling and storage technologies. For some of the plants more than 70 % of coverage for the space heating, domestic hot water and cooling loads is expected to be reached. In the research phase, different configurations will be examined and optimized by detailed simulations.
    • IEA SHC Task 38 "Solar Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration" – The IEA SHC Task 38 "Solar Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration" is a four-year task initiated by IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme Implementing Agreement. The main objective of the Task is the implementation of measures for an accelerated market introduction of solar air conditioning and refrigeration with focus on improved components and system concepts.
    • SAHC "Solar Assisted Heating and Cooling" – The main objective of the project is to promote the use of solar energy in agrofood industries as an innovative way to meet both the low temperature heating (40-80°C) and refrigeration demands (4-10°C by means of heat driven cooling technologies).
    • Medisco – MEDiterranean food and agro Industry applications of Solar COoling technologies. The project aims to develop, test and optimize solar thermally driven cooling concepts for the food and agro industry in the Mediterranean region, which under local conditions can result economically and socially sustainable.
    • ROCOCO – The ROCOCO project is a Specific Supported Action in the 6th Framework Programme of the European Commission, which focuses on the reduction of costs of solar cooling systems. ROCOCO aims at the cost-competitive deployment of solar-assisted air conditioning technologies instead of conventional operated ones in order to promote energy efficiency more actively.
    • KeepCool – Promotion of sustainable summer comfort in service buildings. The main goal of this EU funded project was the knowledge dissemination about strategies and available technologies of sustainable summer comfort. KeepCool finished in February 2007.
    • Promoting solar air-conditioning in Europe – The project, ended in 2004, aimed at a more energy vision of the buildings design and a relatively new technique for solar cooling considering  an integrated approach of cooling demand in tertiary buildings
    • IEA-SHC Task 25 "Solar Assisted Air Conditioning of Buildings" – This Task of the IEA Solar Heating & Cooling Programme ended in 2004 and aimed at improving the conditions for the market entry of solar assisted cooling systems in order to promote a reduction of primary energy consumption and electricity peak loads due to cooling.
    • SACE – Solar Air Conditioning in Europe. The man objectives of the project, ended in 2003, were an analysis of the solar cooling market and its potential and the promotion of promising technologies. SACE was co-ordinated by the Technical University Delft (The Netherlands). A number of selected project results (case studies, guidelines, tools) can be found here.