Dissemination Materials

Good news need to be spread…

To launch SAC systems on a wider scale and accelerate their market introductions, it is necessary to promote and disseminate gained experiences and knowledge throughout Europe. Especially in southern Europe, given high cooling demands, SAC systems offer environmental and highly efficient solutions.

Dissemination materials like flyers, posters, brochures and a best-practice catalogue offer helpful information on SAC and help to transfer project results on a national and European level, to create public awareness and to sensitize decision makers and professionals.

  • Best Practice Catalogue
    The best practice catalogue provides an overview of successfully running small and medium sized SAC appliances in the participating countries (Germany, Austria, Italy, Greece, France, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain), thereby displaying different technical opportunities within SAC systems. Download it here.
  • SAC Image Brochure
    The brochure on SAC systems is targeted at policy, industry, multipliers, financing institutes, industry and industrial associations. It can be downloaded on this website (see below).
    The brochure provides a quick overview of successful small and medium-sized SAC appliances as well as exposing SAC’s economical and environmental benefits. Additional recommendations to increase the acceptance of SAC systems and technical state-of-the-art descriptions complete the information brochure.


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SOLAIR leaflet + poster

Leaflet and poster give you an overview of the SOLAIR project, objectives, partnership, target groups and expected results.

Please feel free to spread them!


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Further languagues available here.