Experts promised a huge market perspective for small and medium-sized SAC appliances especially in the private sector, combining domestc hot water supply and heating with air-conditioning.

A survey on current and available small and medium-sized SAC appliances has been elaborated by the SOLAIR consortium including a review of monitoring experiences and the identification as well as analysis of successful rinning systems.

To motivate potential market actors and contribute to a stonger market implementation, the future market potential of small and medium-sized SAC appliances have been analysed. The analysis focuses on the definition of the areas of application, on the legal frameworks and subsidy schemes as well as on the identification and description of customer and investor groups.


Survey on current and available small and medium-sized SAC appliances and cross country analysis - update Dec 2009

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Market report for small and medium-sized solar air-conditioning appliances

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Questionnaire for best practice examples

This questionnaire provides a basis for the collection of specific information about the plants to be included in the best practice database.

In case you can provide or know about examples of successful running small and medium-sized SAC appliances, you can download and fill in the questionnaire and then contact us.

The examples will be collected in Best Practice.


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