Manufacturing area in Bolzano, Italy

Description of the application

In this manufacturing area in Bolzano, a need for cooling exists in the period from June till September.
The 400 m building is naturally ventilated and heating and cooling is distributed through walls and floor.

General description of the system

150 square meters of flat plate collectors are connected with 15 kW absorption chiller, 3 tanks are installed in the system and they operate according to the season.
The system has two operation modes: winter and summer.

  • In summertime only 9 m of storage buffers are available for cooling purposes and as auxiliary heater just the gas heater is used.
  • In winter both 8 m storages work in series to satisfy the heating demand.

For both modes 0.6 m are used for DHW purposes, this can be heated by sun and oil heater.
The heat rejected from the system goes through a wet cooler.

Central air-conditioning unit


closed cycle

Nominal capacity

15 kWcold

Type of closed system


Brand of chiller unit

EAW Energieanlagenbau GmbH

Chilled water application

wall and floor cooling



Heat rejection system

wet open

Solar thermal

Collector type


Brand of collector

Ebner Solartechnik

Collector area

100 m2 + 50 m gross (two collector fields)

Tilt angle, orientation

60 , south

Collector fluid


Typical operation temperature

90 C (driving heat for cooling application)


Heat storage

17.6 m3 water (total volume of 4 tanks)

Cold storage


Auxiliary heating support

gas boiler

Use of auxiliary heating system

heating & cooling

Auxiliary chiller


General information

Type of building  Industrial
Location  Bolzano, Italy
In operation since  2005
System operated by  EURAC research institute for renewable energy
Air-conditioned area  400 m2
Capacity  15 kW


Collectors area
Caption 1
Storages and chiller
Collectors area
Summer scheme
Storages and chiller
Winter scheme
Summer scheme

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Specific information

Further specific information about the system are included in the filled in technical questionnaire.



For more information on the project please feel free to contact:

Marcello Aprile