Residential building in Thening, Austria

Description of the application

This residential building is a standard low energy building placed in upper Austria with a heat load of about 7 kW thanks to solar architecture with large south facing windows areas and winter garden. In summer time the room temperatures were relative high due to large passive solar gains. Therefore an active cooling system was required and thanks to an existing large dimensioned solar heating system it was obvious to add a heat driven cooling system which fit to the house. This was the first solar cooling application in Austria realized in a one family house.

General description of the system

This one-family house is equipped with a wall heating system fitting perfectly for a high temperature cooling system (16/19 °C) in combination with an adsorption chiller which guarantees highest performance of the chiller. Thanks to large collector area and a big heat storage it is easy possible to cover 100% of the cooling demand without auxiliary backup heating. Heat rejection is realized by a wet cooling tower. Cooling in this house is typically required for the period May/June until August/September.

Central air-conditioning unit


closed cycle

Nominal capacity

5.5 kWcold

Type of closed system


Brand of chiller unit

SorTech ACS 05

Chilled water application

chilled walls



Heat rejection system

wet open cooling tower

Solar thermal

Collector type


Brand of collector


Collector area

40 m2 gross area

Tilt angle, orientation

42° south, installed on a tilted roof

Collector fluid


Typical operation temperature

75 °C driving temperature for chiller operation


Heat storage

6 m3 water split into three tanks

Cold storage


Auxiliary heating support

biomass, 10 kW pellet boiler

Use of auxiliary heating system

space heating in winter

Auxiliary chiller


System performance

This system is not monitored.

System reliability and overall success of the installation

According to the house owner, thanks to the large dimensioned solar collector area and the heat storage for winter operation the system can supply sufficient “cold” to the house most of the time without any need of auxiliary heat from the pellet boiler.

General information

Type of building  residential building
Location  Thening, Upper Austria
Auxiliary heating support  Biomass, pellet
In operation since  July 2007
System operated by  building owner
Air-conditioned area  177 m2
Capacity  5.5 kW


Caption 1
Wet cooling tower

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Specific information

Further specific information about the system are included in the filled in technical questionnaire.


108 K


For more information on the project please feel free to contact:

Alexander Thür