Rethymno Village Hotel, Crete, Hellas

Description of the application

Rethymno Village hotel is situated in Crete, Northern Greece, and has a capacity of 260 beds. During the summer, when temperatures can easily reach 40 C, the hotel is fully booked, so the cooling loads are quite high. These loads are covered by a thermally driven chiller of 105 kW.

General description of the system

The system technology is a closed cycle chilled water system with an absorption chiller. The necessary heat is provided by 450 m solar thermal collectors that are installed on the roof of the building.
During the summer, the system, except from providing hot water, runs in cooling mode and the cooling is delivered to the rooms through the fan coil units. The medium temperature heat of the chiller is rejected through a wet cooling tower. 
During winter, the solar field is used to heat water at 55 C and to provide hot water and space heating.

Central air-conditioning unit


closed cycle

Nominal capacity

105 kWcold

Type of closed system


Brand of chiller unit

SOLE Climasol XZR 30/105

Chilled water application

air cooling



Heat rejection system

wet cooling tower

Solar thermal

Collector type

flat-plate with selective coating

Brand of collector

SOLE Climasol

Collector area

450 m2 aperture

Tilt angle, orientation


Collector fluid


Typical operation temperature

70-75 C driving temperature for chiller operation

55 C driving temperature for heating operation

An additional unglazed flat-plate collector field of 150 m has been installed only for swimming pool water preparation.


Heat storage

7 tanks * 7 m3 hot water

Cold storage


Auxiliary heating support

gas boiler, 290 kW

Use of auxiliary heating system

auxiliary driving source for chiller, auxiliary driving source for heating operation in winter

Auxiliary chiller


- type


- capacity

170 kWcold

System performance

The system has been in operation since August 2000. The electricity needed for the pump of the LiBr solution is 0.5 kW and the pump for the water circulation is 1.5 kW. The average Coefficient of Performance for cooling that has been observed at COP = 0.52 during its first year of operation.

System reliability and overall success of the installation

The system operation has been proved to be very reliable and this is verified by the hotel owner, Mr. Letzakis. According to the installers, the initial cost was 146,000 and it was funded by 50% from the Greek Ministry of Development. The payback time of this system is 5 years. The electricity saved for space cooling is approximately 70.000 kWh/year and the diesel oil saved for heating is approximately 20.000 ltr/year.

General information

Type of building  Hotel
Location  Rethymno, Crete
In operation since  2000
System operated by  SOLE S.A.
Air-conditioned area  3,000 m2


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Specific information

Further specific information about the system are included in the filled in technical questionnaire.


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For more information on the project please feel free to contact:

Rosie Christodoulaki